Rzeszowski District comprises 14 communes situated around Rzeszów. At present it has  an area of  1,157 km2  and the population of over 160, 000. It is located in the center of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. It has a good technical infrastructure and good transport connections. In the vicinity of Rzeszów, in Jasionka, there is an airport catering for the needs  of international passenger and cargo air traffic. “The airport, which is called by pilots “airport  of a good weather” has the newest and the longest runway in Poland accepting each type of plane.

Just like the entire south-eastern Poland, the area is known for its aircraft industry; this is the so called “Aviation Valley”.In Jasionka operates the only one in Poland Aviation Training Centre of Rzeszow University of Technology.

Rzeszowski District offers even better conditions for doing business, for living, working as well as for tourism. Rzeszowski District for years notes the highest inflow of population. In 2009 migration rate for Rzeszowski District was +5,4 per 1,000 people and for Podkarpackie Voivodeship was – 0,9. A positive aspect is the dynamic growth of business entities.

At the end of 2009 in Rzeszowski District operated 10036 business entities. We have a rapidly growing production based on local traditions and natural resources, for example: basketry, production of healthy food and mineral water. Our agriculture provides more organically food than other Polish region.

Investments carried out near the airport decide about the investment attractiveness of Rzeszowski District. Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS is one of the most attractive investment destination in south-eastern Poland. It attracts modern businesses and technology. It is a very important that the potential of local universities and research centers are also used. Especially noteworthy is Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK Mielec as well as land awarded in the contest „Ground for a Medal”. The project designated to equip the investment areas located in Przybyszówka, Miłocin and Pogwizdów Nowy with technical infrastructure will affect the economic development of this area.

The Authorities of District along with Boards of Communes carry out investments by using EU funds to improve the living conditions of local residents. They are supported by a number of governmental organizations and local leader.

Finally the unpolluted environment, beautiful landscapes, recreation areas and cultural attractions create opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment after the working day.


One of the attraction in Rzeszowski District is the narrow gauge railway Przeworsk –Dynów located in Szklary with the longest tunnel in Europe.

In Sołonka we have a salt cascade with a health value where you can spend a nice time, breathing the air saturated with iodine. It is based on the brine wells from 1596 and it was created last year. The famous Poles of Rzeszowski District are: Jerzy from Tyczyn – poet, humanist, secretary of Zygmunt August and Stefan Batory: Władysław Sikorski – Prime Minister in exile; Franciszek Kotula – ethnographer; Jan Bolesław Ożóg – poet, novelist and publicist.


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Rzeszowski District is a member of the Sub-Carpathian Association of Local Government (from 13.05.2000 ), Association of Polish Counties (from 30.01.1999) and the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion – Poland (from 01.09.2003 ). Rzeszowski District was also  the initiators of the  Local Government Association “ Rzeszow Agglomeration”.  For several years, there is a process of expanding the territory of Rzeszów about another  village councils. In 2006 our District was  decreased by 14.36 km2.  Słocina and Załęże were incorporated to Rzeszów. In 2007 part of Przybyszówka ( 9, 25 km2) was disconnected. In 2008  another part of Przybyszówka (7,01 km2 ) along with Zwięczyca (7,23 km2) were disconnected, too.

In 2009  Biała (6.06 km2), and in 2010 Budziwój , along with a part of Miłocin (8.77 km2) were disconnected from the district. In terms of the area Rzeszowski District  takes 95 place among the other districts. In terms of population it takes 14 place.

Advantages of Rzeszowski District:

  • Location in the central part of the south-eastern Poland at the junction of communication routes, a short distance from the border with Ukraine and Slovakia. A4 motorway and express way will run through the entire area of the district.
  • In Jasionka, there is an airport catering for the needs of international passenger and cargo air traffic. The airport, which is called by pilots “airport of a good weather” has the newest and the longest runway in Poland accepting each type of plane.
  • Good technical infrastructure and convenient network of roads.
  • Location in „Aviation Valley”
  • For many years, the highest in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship inflow of population.
  • Development of construction and diversity initiatives and business ventures.
  • High position among the other districts of Podkarpacie in terms of number of the registered business entities.
  • More than one-third of the total area of the distritc are protected, including areas classified as Natura 2000.
  • Local traditions and natural resources (basketry, healthy food production, mineral springs) are used in the production of local traditions.
  • Good conditions for the development of agriculture supplying organic food. The environment is less polluted and we have a large number of agricultural land in the total area (68.2%).
  • The human potential are well-educated and professionally trained employees, a high percentage of young people.
  • Developed system of schools, including secondary schools and colleges, universities, a sufficient number of health care facilities, community centers and libraries.
  • All investments near the airport, especially , the operation of the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park.
  • Communes Investment offers, land awarded in the competition „Ground for a medal” and the subzone of Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK Mielec.
  • Excellent conditions for weekend and holiday vacation: scenic views such as Kolbuszowa Plateau, the Carpathian foothills as well as the richness of the environment , numerous attractions and constantly expanded tourist facilities.

Text: Joanna Nieroda, joanna.nieroda@powiat.rzeszow.pl